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YA7OO.com, Back from the Middle-of-Nowhere

It took a while, nobody probably cares nor were they concerned as the vast majority (99.99%) of the earthly population never knew about my soon-to-be very important site.  Unless of course, you were a spam bot or an SEO robot!  Castle Butte, Hello

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Chris Kanaan

Located in Estevan, the heartbeat of Saskatchewan's energy & gas sector, my blog will provide insight about the local regional scene and politics effecting the energy sector in the province and all of Canada with a niche for Canadian energy securities. It will also discuss international politics effecting the oil industry and geopolitical issues which are also a long-time personal interest of mine. I hope you enjoy my blog, insight and please do provide insight of your own by e-mail or responding in the comments section under each submission. Thanks for visiting.

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