Report: Saudi Arabia to build major Islamic Center in Emerson, MB

By The Estevan Review WINNIPEG BUREAU
Fri. March 10th, 2017 14:00

It has been reported that Saudi Arabia’s holiest and most sacred spiritual body has been eyeing Emerson, Manitoba in Canada for a new $25,000,000 religious centre development.

Saudi Grand Mufti, Shaikh Abdul Al Aziz Al Shaikh has donated $25,000,000 (USD) to build Islamic Center in Emerson, MB

 The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh has delivered the news to the Islamic Society Of The Prairies through a telegram on the holy day of the Islamic calendar, Friday. “It’s absolutely wonderful, Allahu Akbar,” said local Imam of the Emerson Mosque, Abdi al Abdullah al Akbar II. Emerson, Manitoba has been coping with an influx of predominately Muslim refugees, mostly escaping the United States and originating from the war torn Middle East since Donald Trump came to power.  Just last week, Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale visited Emerson and provided financial reinforcements to local firefighters with an additional $30,000 grant while

Aziz Al Saud, spokesman for the Saudi Institute of Salafi-Wahabi Affairs in Canada

assuring the public that safety of would-be refugees is his utmost priority.  Imam al Akbar II told The Estevan Review that the money would be used “as an education centre that has the potential to attract Muslim students who wish to study Islam from all across the world, an Islamic outreach center and also feature an Islamic daycare.”  It would also feature a Halal kitchen and small abattoir, which would ultimately cater Halal products to the Muslim population in the Prairie provinces and states such as North Dakota and Minnesota.  “We see this as a large scale investment in the community, in Canada and for all Muslims in the area,” said Imam Al Akbar II.


According to StatsCan, in 2015, Emerson only had two Muslims; by the end of 2016, the population had spiked to at least 1000 with the projection to at least triple by the end of 2019.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has so far promised to keep the borders open and free to all who seek refuge and escape from the instability brought by Donald Trump’s administration.

The Mohamad’s who faced deportation from Chicago for being linked to ISIS, have crossed the border in Emerson and sought refuge in Canada under the 3rd Party Asylum Act.

“It’s hard to keep up with all the refugees, we don’t even know who they all are. Before Emerson was a place you could recognize and know everyone; today it’s like you see new faces everyday and then they are sometimes gone by tomorrow,” said local outreach administrator, Sarah Cumberland of the Emerson Winter Welcome Center.  “They have lot’s of special needs, like: halal food that requires importation from Winnipeg, lots of special baby products as many have up to 12 children, many are in dire need of medical care and its getting harder to accommodate as we were already short staffed- medically speaking, prior to the influx of new residents,” said Cumberland.


“I am so glad that we as a small rural town can help these people, it’s what we are all about,” said Justin Johnson 32, who has lived in Emerson all of his life and volunteers his time to various political causes.

Justin Johnson of Emerson, MB is happy to be able to help the refugees

Not all were delighted or filled with joy, most Emerson residents The Estevan Review spoke with had extreme concerns about the mostly, unvetted refugees, crossing their border in the middle of the night.  “It’s absolutely terrifying, alarming, it’s getting harder to sleep at night,” said Becky O’Connor, 49, who has also lived in small town Emerson her entire life.

Some local residents are outright terrified and begging local government for assistance

 “It’s like you don’t even want to open your door anymore, you just don’t know who is there. The entire process is guarded in secrecy and they never report who these people are or where they come from, it’s so terrible.”


The Emerson, MB Islamic Center is expected to be called, “The Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh Emerson Islamic Center,” and is expected to open up fully by 2020.  Bits and pieces are expected to commence immediately to accommodate refugees crossing the border, seeking asylum under the far kinder and generous Justin Trudeau Liberal government then potential persecution at home by Trump.  “We would like to have this Islamic Center built by the end of the 2019, just because we see Justin Trudeau as a safety net and can’t predict how a potential future Conservative government will deal with the influx of desperate asylum seekers,” said Imam Al Akbar II.

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North Dakota Clinton supporters seek asylum in Saskatchewan


With Trump’s recent victory in the United States, many American’s have committed themselves to abandoning their nation and seeking refuge in other more friendly, tolerant, Liberal lands.  Shortly after polls closed and Trump was officially declared the winner in the US election, Immigration Canada’s website crashed due to an intensified interest from US-based asylum seekers (Canada’s Immigration website crashes)


CBSA border stations all across Canada have reported a heightened increase in visitors since Trump was officially inaugurated as the 45th President in US history.  To the dismay of many asylum seekers, it’s not as easy to get into Canada as they thought.

US based rap star, Chris Brown, was denied entry into Canada for being a convicted felon who assaulted various women.

“I was detained, strip searched and humiliated,” said a rejected asylum seeker who requested to be named as Jack Davis (whose real legal passport name is Rebecca Brown), 23, of Fargo, ND, a staunch Clinton backer and social media activist. “The border patrol in North Portal Saskatchewan took away my marijuana cigarettes and threw my #Withher (Hillary Clinton slogan) T-shirts away as they accused me of seeking to start a business into Canada and could only have one (identical T-shirt); they denied me entry into Saskatchewan, I blame that crazy right wing redneck Trumpeteer Governor Brett or Brad Wall, whatever his name is, for what happened to me. The Hell with Wall!”


“Some American visitors from North Dakota in particular are citing the heightened dangers, threats and hostilities, of being defeated Hillary Clintonsupporters, in particular those seeking asylum into Saskatchewan from nearby Burke County, where they now claim to be a persecuted minority” reported Lieutenant Raj Singh, in an interview with The Estevan Review.

CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency) in Northgate, North Portal & Noonan have had 48 asylum requests from Clinton supporters from North Dakota since Jan. 1st, 2017. “We’ve had to turn down every single one of them,” stated Singh.

Melody Colucci, 40, of Grand Forks, North Dakota, takes a selfie with former President Bill Clinton after he spoke at Rheault Farm in Fargo, North Dakota, on Friday, May 20, 2016.
Nick Wagner / The Forum

Federal government policy prohibits at this point, any asylum requests from American visitors as no threat has been established.

“They are terrified, frightened and defeated, but there is nothing at this point we can do for them, we give them food and water and then send them back on their ways.”

One American, denied entry into Saskatchewan, who only provided the name “Molly,” compared American’s asylum seekers plight to that of the persecuted Falon Gong movement in China. “It’s just not safe to be a Clinton supporter in North Dakota, the atmosphere has fouled and we are now a persecuted minority.”


US asylum seekers denied entry into Canada await bus to be returned to North Dakota after Immigration Canada denied they face persecution for being Clinton supporters.

A recent report by ePolitico, which maps international refugee and immigration patterns, showed that out of 1000 American asylum seekers, none had listed Saskatchewan as their destination of choice in Canada.

“Most American asylum seekers, seeking refuge in Canada have predominately listed large, Liberal, mainly left wing, metropolises such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver as their primary destinations of choice.” 

ePolitico found that the vast majority of would be American asylum seekers into Canada find Saskatchewan, “way too redneck and conservative” for their liking.  ePolico has cited Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and the popularity of his mainly right wing Saskatchewan Party, which holds the majority in the Provincial Assembly, as the primary reason for deterrence.

“These folks are seeking comfort and refuge, many of them are neither male or female, identifying as gender neutrals, many smoke marijuana and other stimulant drugs, mostly all are either vegans or on strict organic diets and most know that Saskatchewan just doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate that.   


JANUARY 23RD, 2017

Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “Maryam Monsef is not an Iranian spy”

Iran’s Khamenei denies Monsef is a spy


Dec. 7th, 2016
The Estevan Review  16:00 EST

Thus, speculation that Canada’s Minister of Democratic Institutions could possibly be an Iranian secret agent, as recently claimed by Ezra Levant of The Rebel media, have been formally quashed by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme leader today.  Speaking from his headquarters in the Iranian majis (Iran’s Parliament) today, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, “There is no way that Iran would send an infiltrator- let alone a female- alone without a guardian- to another country to interfere with their democratic process. We are a democratic country who respects free nations and their sovereignty. The Zionists are using Monsef case to fuel anti-Iranian, anti-Islamic sentiment against the Islamic Republic.” 

Hailed as the 1st Afghan-born MP in Canadian history, which wasn't so.
Hailed as the 1st Afghan-born MP in Canadian history, which wasn’t so.


Monsef, once hailed as Canada’s first Afghan born member of parliament is warding of a growing amount of criticism from the public and opposition parties about her place of birth-  Mashad, Iran.  “There are some troublemakers out there, trying to cause myself and my family problems, you know it really hurts my mother and its so unfair, but most Canadians accept me and understand my situation,” said Monsef.  “I’m confident that Canadians still accept me the way I am and they want to change the system.  Everyday I talk to Canadians, they want change, they want a more democratic way to vote and we are going to make sure that happens.”  Monsef went on to say that she denies her or her family are under immigration for citizenship fraud, despite reports from the Toronto Sun that an investigation has commenced.


The Canadian Secret Intelligence Secret is facing more questions on how they cleared Maryam Monsef when investigating her for top secret security clearance in order to obtain access to Canadian Parliament.  “We are only learning about her place of birth now, thanks to a Globe & Mail investigation,” cited a CSIS agent who declined to give her name and refuse to answer further questions whether the intelligence agency is considering revoking her

Posing in Mashhad, Iran
Tourists pose in Mashhad, Iran

secret security clearance.  All members of parliament and federal employees must go through a what is thought to be, a thorough check which requires prospective employees to give a detailed history of their entire life.  “Top Secret clearance is the upper echelon of clearances within Ottawa, it’s the pinnacle. Its as high as you can go. Its what Trudeau has and all those around him, there is no way the Globe & Mail should have been able to expose a leak- and substantial at that- that CSIS couldn’t find” cited Howard Burns, CEO of International Border Frontiers and best-selling author of several New York Times hits.  “The distance between Mashhad, Iran and Herat, Afghanistan, which was Monsef’s claimed place of birth is nearly 400 kilometres. There is not a matter of Gatineau & Ottawa, there is no way one could make a mistake as to what side of the border they were born on.”


One 19-year old Concordia student who was born in China and came to Canada at the innocent age of 2, is facing possible citizenship revoking after the IRCC concluded that the students mother lied about her marital status.  “ILPC is stripping citizenship at a faster rate then Harper's Tory's t’s complete hypocrisy to say to one Canadian, we are taking away your citizenship because your mother lied to us when you were 2-years old & to say to another, who happens to be a top ranked deputy in the ruling Liberal Party: it’s okay, we understand why your mother lied on your papers,” said the B.C. Civil Liberties Union.   Trudeau is facing continued fire from opposition parties who question how a female could travel to Iran, without any scrutiny, in a time that Canada and Iran had no diplomatic relations. “Her claim that she went to Iran to empower women and girls doesn’t add up,” stated Mark Schultz, a political science professor at the University of Lethbridge.    “We know how Iran see’s foreign Canadian nations, the fact that Monsef breezed through Iranian security and kept her trip a secret until confronted is appalling.” Immigration Minister Hon. John MacCallum is trying to spearhead a new bill that would place a temporary halt on anyone being stripped of their citizenship for a lie told to immigration by their parents- a move which is being cited by critics as a Liberal ploy to protect Minister Maryam Monsef.

Report: Premier Brad Wall taking French lessons, pondering Prime Minister run

The Estevan Review
Reporting from the Saskatchewan Legislature, Regina

Nov. 23rd, 2016 19:30

Saskatchewan’s populist Premier Brad Wall is pondering a run for the top job in the nation, according to a top Saskparty insider, who was not authorized to make public statements.  Premier Wall has apparently been brushing up on his French language skills since early last year, hiring a private French Professor from the Université du Québec and is rumored to be making extremely fast progress, “He’s very linguistically inclined for an anglo of old stock, working basically with an immersion disciple level for several hours per day, extremely bright and eager to learn, highly intelligent with a natural gift for learning, though he really must work on pronouncing his accent aigu!” reported the SaskParty insider who spoke to The Estevan Review on condition of animosity from Regina last night.

Brad Wall & Philippe Couillard at the Premier's Summit in Quebec City.
Brad Wall & Philippe Couillard at the Premier’s Summit in Quebec City.


Premier Wall has long been recognized as the most popular and well-liked Premier of the Provinces and routinely dubbed as the top Conservative in all of Canada, only recently slipping in popularity to 2nd place after P.E.I’s Premier Wade MacLauchlan inched into first.  One recent CBC poll showed that Premier Wall’s popularity was triple Alberta Premier’s Rachel Notley’s in her own province (32% approval rate) and a whopping tenfold higher approval then Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who stooped to an all-time record historical low for Ontario Premier’s at only 9%.  Jason Kenney, currently vying for a 2019 Premiership in Alberta with sights set on becoming Alberta’ top prize said, “There has never been a better, more courageous nor steadfast leader in Western Canada then Brad Wall. He would be a tremendous asset to the nation, as far as I am concerned, he’s already the Prime Minister of the West and Canada’s voice of reason.”    Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s top advisor and personal secretary had less optimism on a possible Brad Wall Prime Minister run, “Brad Wall just doesn’t have what it takes. He has little international experience- never dealt with an NGO in his life- can’t speak French- evidently knows nothing about climate change- refuses to speak up on LGBT rights & quite frankly, and goodness gracious, watches the NFL. He just isn’t ready for this job,” said Mr Butts.

Prime Minister Brad Wall?
Prime Minister Brad Wall?


Federal pre-requisition in Ottawa is for all politicians in the Parliament to be fluently bilingual, in English and French. An obvious disadvantage for western politicians such as Brad Wall, whom hails from the nearly exclusive anglophone community of Swift Current.  In 2014, Wall had flirted with the idea of studying French but at the time, suggesting his motivation was to merely better represent himself to the various francophone communities that exist in Saskatchewan “as a Premier of fair representation should.”  With Wall rumoured to be making fast track progress on his French, the next big debate will be whether to pursue the Conservative Party of Leadership Crown prior to April 2017, when the candidate to lead the party into the 2019 federal elections will be chosen. Wall previous pledged allegiance to working exclusively for Saskatchewan on a provincial level.  “If Wall announces his intention for nomination tomorrow, it almost guarantees his position for the top Tory post the next day, due to his immense unquestionable popularity, charisma, and widespread support across the nation, most Tory’s will be extremely pleased should Wall decide to pursue the top job,”  according to Randolph Ziolkowski a top political analyst from the reknown Fraser Institute think tank in Toronto.

Political Analyst Randolph Ziolkowski believes Wall is a lock for PMO
Political Analyst Randolph Ziolkowski believes Wall is a lock for PMO


According to the same SaskParty insider, an official announcement can be expected within the next couple months, depending on the outcome of the Premier’s meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau early December and Canada’s Premiers in December.  Environmental concerns, carbon tax implementation and the plans to phase out coal by 2030 will be the key dominant discussion points.  Premier Wall has been Ottawa’s harshest critic on the federal climate change plans, taking the battle to Twitter to publicly denounce Trudeau’s plans, which Wall claims will make Saskatchewan susceptible to further shortcomings, business divestment and drastically hurt the provincial economy.  “The perceived shafting that Premier Wall perceives against Saskatchewan regarding the newly imposed carbon tax and now the accelerated coal phase by the Federal government have pretty much put Brad Wall’s meanest game face on. I don’t even think he takes it off to sleep anymore, he really see’s this as a federal conspiracy against Saskatchewan industry; families & farmers alike, the energy sector, you name it.. and he has absolutely no intention of allowing this “catastrophic disaster” to unfold and every intention in the world to impede it. Knowing Mr Wall for over a decade, I’m confident that he will. Legacy demands it.




Crazed anti-Trump protesters rock Toronto, Kelowna, multiple arrests

So thus, Trump has prevailed in the 2016 US Presidential election to the dismay of millions.  As I can remember each year, a large group of Americans and Canadians (emphasis on Canadians) are not satisfied with the results and cry foul.  Trump’s victory reminds me of the first presidential win by George W. Bush back in 2001. I was relatively young and novice to politics, but I can still remember the crazed protesters and intense amount of propaganda & brainwashing by the mainstream media (which I as a naive teenager embraced at the time.)  Sellers were selling George W Bush war criminal shirts on Ebay before the Iraq war even started, perhaps they were oracles.

Trump: Not my President (of course, he hasn't even been inaugurated yet you left wing loony tune)
Trump: Not my President (of course, he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet you left wing loony tune)
Bush: Not my President shirt. It was a hot commodity back in the early 2000s.
Bush: Not my President shirt. It was a hot commodity back in the early 2000s.





Nevertheless, what baffles me most are the protests in Canada, Toronto in particular.  Upside down American flags. Fuck America slogans.  No Sex Predators in the Whitehouse.  Trump is KKK. Viva Viva Revolution! Blah, you’ve heard the rest a million times.  Oh and I’d like to specifically point out the moron protester in Toronto who was wearing a, “Not My President,” shirt – of course he’s not your president you freaking moron, you are not American.  Now get me a “Not My Prime Minister” shirt with the pretty golden boy, Trudeau, please.  These so-called protesters or self-proclaimed rebels are a disgrace and embarrassment to Canada. They represent all that is wrong with this country.  If any Americans are reading this, please disregard these lunatics.  Due to the 9th consecutive year of Ontario Liberal healthcare cuts, the local sanatoriums are already at full capacity and can’t take everyone.

Now a quick run down of some problems facing Toronto:
– An average home selling for over $600,000, well out of reach for most.
– A Premier embedded in a corruption scandal with a 13% approval rate.
– Over 30% of children in Toronto are classified as living in poverty
– The highest electricity rates in North America

I could probably go on for along time and search for more difficulties that the City of Toronto faces, but I will leave it at brief and stop there.  Yet, despite all of these major problems, these lunatics find a special time in their day to head to downtown T-Dot (some who travelled from other places in Canada) to form a large scale protest about a foreign figure that has nothing to do with the problems Toronto faces nor Canada.  Perhaps that is why the problems in Toronto and Ontario continue to become worse, and worse and worse.

Someone needs to tell Toronto anti-Trump protester Marco La Grotto the”ringleader” that Trump has been accused of being supported by Russia

Obviously not a very bright kid yet your typical “fight the power wingnut.”  You know, his Facebook page is filled with pro-Russian propaganda, you’d think this guy would be Trump’s ultimate fanboy assuming he endorsed what I perceived as propaganda, regarding Donald Trump’s relations with Putin and the Russians. Putin being an ex-KGP, pro-CCCP guy who has been accused by the west of seeking to restore “Mother Russia” as an entity, not some western lackey like you have in Ukraine, Mr. La Grotto.

Facebook photo of Marco La Grotto, the ringleader of the anti-Trump protest in Toronto.
Facebook photo of Marco La Grotto, the ringleader of the anti-Trump protest in Toronto.

Some of the detestable (I don’t use the word deplorable, since anti-Trump/Conservative antagonists use it to describe us and it’s since become a compliment rather then its definition) signs you saw were truly disturbing.

They included:

  • USA you MUST fix this
  • Pro love, pro climate change, pro gender equality, anti Trump
  • Trump FYI Canada rejects bigotry
  • LGBT against Trump
  • 1 giant step backwards
  • Love Trumps Hate!
  • Canadians against Trump!
  • No country for ridiculous old man
  • Fuck the United States
  • You can’t comb over sexism and bigotry
  • If you want something you had better make some noise – Malcolm X
  • Hate ain’t great
  • Trump is a sexual predator, a rascist, a misogynist, an embarrassment to the human race, no fit for President
  • Trump election: byproduct of Obama/ Clinton neoliberalism! International Bolshevik Tendency
  • GOP/ Dems: Twin parties of US imperialism!
  • One solution REVOLUTION. Join the fight against capitalism today!
  • We are the storm and we will leave light in our wake
  • Look at that face! Would anyone vote for him? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president Trump. FUCK NO!
  • No one is free when others are oppressed
  • My Canada, green multicultural, equality for all. No Trump values here
  • No more complacency. Equality for all
  • Make America safe again
  • Stop racism, transphobia, misogyny, homophobia
  • Trump, you are not a good example for kids
  • Don’t normalize Trump 9/11 did
  • Fight Trump, Fight capitalism
  • Trump stinks
  • Trump terrifies me more than
  • Wake up America
  • Dump Trump!
  • Fight against state-sanctioned violence
  • Hate has no place
  • Trump is outdated. Inclusion for all!


Self proclaimed rebels, calling for an American revolution that starts in Toronto.
Self proclaimed rebels, calling for an American revolution that starts in Toronto.

Lady Gaga does it best & provides us with the best summary of these crazy, left wing nutcase protesters, with nothing better to do with their lives then protest in downtown Toronto against the US President; despite crippling and possibly catastrophic problems facing Toronto- which were in place well before Donald Trump was elected.  Never mind those, however. 

Lady Gaga protesting against Donald Trump with a sing that reads: Love Trumps Hate
Lady Gaga eating off a naked body covered in fake blood.
Lady Gaga eating off a naked body covered in fake blood.



Brad Wall retaliates against Trudeau’s Liberals carbon tax- with a new beef tax

Nov. 3rd, 2016
The Estevan Review, Regina

Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have hit back at Trudeau’s Liberals where they feel it will hurt the most, in their stomachs.  Wall announced today in the Saskatchewan Legislature that Saskatchewan beef exports to Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will see a new levy added- by the pound.  “It’s our way of saying no to the carbon tax to a government that refuses to listen to the people of Saskatchewan and all of western Canada,” stated Premier Wall.  Wall went on to state that the new levies would mainly benefit farmers hit by Trudeau’s Liberals carbon tax.  “Combines and farming equipment use a lot of fossil fuels, no doubt about it and our agriculture industry will be the most vulnerable victims of the Ottawa imposed carbon tax,” said Wall.  Wall also stated that it was not fossil fuel burning which was the largest contributor to global warming, but methane gas from cattle farming. “Its our part of imposing a carbon tax and doing out part to punish violators who refuse to curtail consummation of meat, recognized as a key contributor in global warming,” said Wall.  Premier Wall figures that the new levies would compensate farmers hit by rising carbon prices and even land a surplus.


Russell Macfarlane, head of the Saskatchewan Wheat Board who was also present and spoke today in the legislative session demanded that Premier Wall also impose wheat levies to Liberal voting eastern provinces.  “Let’s not forgot most of the carbon burning from Saskatchewan comes from combining, which is a vital necessity for putting bread on the table of Canadians.”  MacFarlane anticipated that Trudeau’s carbon tax would cost the average Saskatchewan farmer nearly $100,000 in additional taxes per year.  “Money doesn’t grow in the field, that’s a large amount of lost revenue right there and we don’t work for free,” said an evidently infuriated MacFarlane.  MacFarlane went on to state that he is preparing a petition to the Federal government informing them of possible strike plans across the province which could see the Saskatchewan Wheat Industry – the largest exporter of wheat in the world – come to a complete standstill, if Trudeau’s Liberals carbon tax is not repealed by the start of 2018 harvest season.


Jerry Butts, principal secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office have reportedly told Le Journal de Gatineau Parliament Hill reporter Josephine Papineau that Premier Wall’s beef tax highly illegal, impossible to implement and downright cruel hearted thinking.  “To starve eastern Canada for the crime of trying to save the environment is a totalitarian, draconian tactic,” said Mr Butts.  “It would be a complete violation of the United Nations treaties– which I’d like to remind Premier Wall, he is a binding part of as a member of parliament. It would also be a violation of inter-Canadian trade agreements, as Canada is a confederated nation and one province is unable to impose levies on exports to another, that’s what being a united nation of provinces is all about, its what our forefathers worked for,” Mr. Butts added.   Butts added that he did not believe Premier Wall was serious, as it wasn’t possible that a family man with children who goes to church every Sunday could do such a thing, reminding Mr. Wall that innocent eastern Canadians would suffer if a healthy supply of food wasn’t on the table.


Angry Twitter messages were widely seen on Premier Brad Wall’s account (@PremierBradWall).  One angry Twitter used named Phillipe Ouimet (@filipo2010) based out of Ontario, upon hearing the news of Wall’s government planned “beef tax” shouted, “the Hell with Wall,” only to be corrected by the Premier directly on his grammar.  Other Twitter users were widely seen as demanding Wall and his government immediately cancel plans for the beef tax, only to be met by Saskatchewan Party supporters, many of whom were based out of Alberta vehemently defending the Premier’s plans.


Plans to further discuss the beef tax to eastern Canada have been postponed until the first week of December, to give an adequate amount of time for an assigned team of Saskatchewan Party members and Farmers Unions to investigate the possibilities and venues available to Saskatchewan farmers and draft an equally balanced taxation plan on par with the federally imposed carbon tax.  Its expected that the issue will be postponed further into the first months of the New Year, given the recess for the Holiday Season.


Report: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to introduce shariah law to stimulate economy

The Estevan Review
Nov. 2, 2016

With reports that the Canadian economy hasn’t grown as fast as expected, the Trudeau Liberal government has been scrambling to come with ideas how to stimulate the economy.  According to Hon. Minister Bill Murneau, the Liberal government has spent 36.4 billion dollars in the first year alone.  “The economy isn’t growing as expected, we are living in sluggish times.” stated Murneau.  He went on to say that tough times are part of life and no nation is immune.

In a closed door Liberal roundtable meeting held early this week, Liberal insiders have leaked reports that Justin Trudeau is considering incorporating shariah law into all elements of Canadian law.  “It will create a lot of jobs.. every court house across Canada is going to require a shariah interpreter and there has to be experts both to act in a judicial manner and of course law enforcement trained in enforcing shariah law.”  Potentially, this opens up the door to thousands of new opportunities, mostly all of which would be permanent.


“With the Islamic population in Canada reaching nearly 8%, there is a heightened demand for shariah law with growing calls from within the country and from outside, from our trading partners, to incorporate shariah law here in Canada,” reported Marlene McKenna, a Liberal strategist on foreign affairs.  McKenna stated that a shariah law job bonanza is expected to create between 1000-2000 permanent full-time positions, with the potential for thousands of more part-time positions.  “Every law office, even ones that typically would not handle shariah, are going to have to brush up on their skills and learn the basics, this opens the door to shariah teachers, experts and also linguistic interpreters as most of the shariah is written in Arabic, it really opens up the door for a whole new revolution in the legal sector.”


“I think its absolutely ludicrous,” stated Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic, David R. Hanley.  Hanley went on to state that his Conservative party will remain vehemently opposed to any attempt by the Justin Trudeau Liberal government to incorporate shariah law in the Canadian legal system, acknowledging that some will accuse him of bigotry.  NDP Minister Elaine M. Brosseau, representing the riding of Rimouski was also opposed, “Our party suffered dearly when our leader (Mulcair) came out in favor of the niqab just days before the election.  Quebecois people have spoken, we oppose shariah law and also the niqab. We live in an e’tat seculaire (secular state).”  Even all Liberals were not onboard with the idea according to political insiders, though it was expected that Justin Trudeau had already made a decision and assigned a team based out of the Toronto-area to investigate and draft a step by step plan.


“The supreme court of Canada would be in a most definite precarious position, ” stated Doug Waterman, a senior law expert at the University of McGill.  “They have to juggle the charter of human rights and civil religious liberties at the same time, my belief is that shariah law may violate the charter but at the same time, religious guarantees are not options– but entitlements.”

Calls to the PMO’s office were not returned.  More details expected in 2018.




High-tech speeding ticket in Calgary

So I just noticed that my credit card was authorized for some 212.  As soon as I noticed I called my credit card company to investigate as I couldn’t yet see the purchase on my profile.  My first suspicion was that a coffee shop had entered 150 instead of 1.50 when I tapped my card.

C-train in Calgary
C-train in Calgary

No, I wasn’t so lucky.  Instead, what I saw was a charge from a car rental company.  It seems the recession in Alberta is bad, as the Calgary Police have resorted to nailing people with some high tech speed cameras when you enter into town.  Not only do they got the speed, the license plate, but also the type of vehicle I was driving- including the make and model.

Electronic speed camera in Regina, SK
Electronic speed camera in Regina, SK

“Luckily”  there is no demerit points in photo radar tickets since they can’t verify- at this point- who was driving.  My record is meticulous with no flaws for over a decade.  These speed traps are shameful in areas in which minor cases of speeding have no effect on the safety of others.

Perhaps in the future they will include facial scanners of speeders, too.



Calgary speeding ticket
Copy of the ticket